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About Griffy Creek Studio

Architecture for life

Griffy Creek Farm, near Bloomington, Indiana, is the home of Griffy Creek Studio LLC. The tree farm is an ongoing experiment in restoration, regeneration, and resilience. So is the studio. 


We value design that enhances your ability to thrive and prosper within the regenerative capacity of a rapidly changing planet. 

Bill Marshall Brown, AIA

Principal Architect

Restoration, regeneration, and resilience

Bill has been practicing award-winning architectural design for over 20 years. His portfolio includes residential, commercial, and public work and he is a nationally recognized expert in sustainability as it applies to buildings, communities, and universities. Bill participated in the Greening of the White House in 1993 and he has won numerous awards for his work, including two American Institute of Architects Presidential Citations and national awards for green roof design, community leadership, and organizational excellence. He has unique expertise in energy-positive buildings, including the first energy-positive public library in America. 

Design for a rapidly changing world

One definition of design is moving from the existing to the preferred - from the normal to the special. You won't get there looking in the rear view mirror, which is how most buildings are designed today. Anticipate your preferred future in a special place that is restorative, regenerative, and resilient.



Cassi Winslow-Edmonson

We knew that we wanted to transform our home to better meet our growing family needs and overall curb appeal. As we moved through the process on our own, we got lost and frustrated and wanted to quit the entire project.  That is when we learned about Bill’s expertise and contacted him right away.  Within the week, he came to our house and listened patiently as we processed all of our needs and challenges.  Bill confidently reassured us that there was a process that we would work through together. The overall experience was easy and actually a lot of fun. His designs blew us away! We are so excited to complete the project and fall back in love with our home.”


Kim Litkenhus, Chrisney Clerk Treasurer

“Chrisney had a vision for a new library, but we didn’t have the money, the land, or permission from the local library district. Bill recognized that we did have the need and an unusually large and engaged group of citizens. He convinced the library district to support a concept to build a new branch library with federal funding that would produce as much energy as it used, sparing the library district of the construction and operating expenses. He met with the school corporation board, who donated the land. Then Bill designed America’s first net-positive-energy library and our community came together to raise the matching funds for the grant. The library has been an important part of our community for ten years and we would not have it without Bill’s imagination, passion, and expertise.”

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