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Opened in 2009, the Chrisney Branch of Lincoln Heritage Public Library was America's first net-positive-energy library. For ten years it has always piled up enough net-metering credits in the sunny parts of the year to get through the short days of winter without paying for electricity. Located in Chrisney, Indiana, population 481, this project has lessons for anyone considering generating their own power in a way that is affordable anywhere. This building was constructed to federal standards for less than the typical cost of library construction, with off-the-shelf technology and stick-built 2x6 framing, yet it is one of the best-performing buildings in Indiana with a EUI of 17 kbtu/SF/yr or 57% reduction from ASHRAE 90.1 baseline. 

Net Positive Energy

How to monetize sunshine

A building that produces more energy on-site than it uses is the basic definition of a net positive energy building. 


Bill Brown is Indiana's most sought after net-positive-energy building expert with projects ranging from single-family residential to multi-family residential, institutional, and public projects, including America's first net-positive-energy public library. 


Say goodbye to your rising energy bills. 

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